Wine to live, wine to enjoy

Discover a new experience every day

Wine to live, wine to enjoy

Discover a new experience every day

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Wine is ‘sharing’, it is that contagious laugh that keeps you laughing, it is that ‘truth’ that they had never told you, it is the ‘union’ of those people who meet again after years without seeing each other, it is the secret best kept, wine is ‘LIFE’.

Mallorcan Wines

‘The best wines on the island’

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Testimonials from our clients

“I am subscribed to the 6 bottle box. It is a very good way to discover new Mallorcan wines every month.”

– Eduardo Cabalín (Entrepreneur) –

“I discovered the web looking for Mallorcan wine and I loved the search engine for“ wine at times ”; It is super original and it helped me decide on my purchase, because I was looking for some wines for a dinner with friends. In addition, both the presentation and the delivery met my expectations.”

– Nuria Amengual (Interior designer) –

“Discovering wineries and flavors that we have so close, has left us a wonderful feeling. We will repeat very soon !!”

– Aurora Sampol (Founder NGO) –

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