About us

Winelife was born from the enthusiasm of two young people who are passionate about Mallorcan wine; With that objective, we began our business adventure in February 2020. Yeah, yeah, the famous pandemic year… From that moment until now, we continue with a clear exclusive commitment to promoting the consumption and knowledge of Mallorcan wine.

We are Javi and César, friends since our first memories and partners, a unique duo, without a doubt. ou will like to know that we have a very particular vision of seeing and feeling wine. We We classify the wine “by moments”,we ask people, with whom they are going to drink it, in what situation they are going to drink it, if it is a romantic evening for a wedding anniversary, for a first date or it can be for a dinner with friends or a family meal.

This is how we see the world of wine. Wine is’ sharing ‘, it is that contagious laugh that does not stop you from laughing, it is that’ truth ‘that they had never told you, it is the’ union ‘between people who meet again after years without seeing each other, wine is’ LIFE’.

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