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Register as a member of the club “The WineLifers”

What requirements do you need?

To become a member of the “The WineLifers” membership, you must fill in the new member form accepting all the general conditions, privacy policies and acceptance of payments. This form is on our website

Minimum Age

The member declares that he / she has the legal minimum age for alcohol consumption.

Options and prices of the ‘WineLife Box’

Our wine club “The WineLifers” has two options to choose from with 3 different payment methods to choose from:

  • WINELIFE BOX of 3 BOTTLES – The price will be € 35.90 per month (VAT Included)
  • WINELIFE BOX of 3 BOTTLES – The price will be € 99.00 per quarter (VAT Included)
  • WINELIFE BOX of 3 BOTTLES – The price will be € 380.00 per year (VAT Included)
  • WINELIFE BOX of 6 BOTTLES – The price will be € 69.90 per month (VAT Included)
  • WINELIFE BOX of 6 BOTTLES – The price will be € 196.00 per quarter (VAT Included)
  • WINELIFE BOX of 6 BOTTLES – The price will be € 750.00 per year (VAT Included)

* Depending on where you want to receive your ‘WineLife Box’ there may be separate shipping costs. All the information is on the web, in the Shipping section.

When completing the form, the member must decide which option he / she prefers and this will be marked as the default. You can refuse to receive your ‘WineLife Box’ up to 4 times a year, counting those 12 months, from the moment you signed up. The user may also unsubscribe at any time, as there is no type of permanence. Any change in your membership must be done before the 25th of each month.

Selection system

The box of selected wines is 3 or 6 bottles, chosen by the WINELIFE team. The member will be able to choose whether that month they wish to receive the “WineLife Box” or not.

Dates and Announcements

Between the 20th and 30th of each month, each member will be sent, via email, a file of the wines they will receive this month, with all the information on the characteristics of the wines. It will also be posted on our page, and the WineLife social networks.
The member may evaluate for a few days whether or not he wants to receive the ‘WineLife Box’. If you do not want to receive the selection for that specific month, you must report the cancellation via email to always before the 25th of each month.
Once these days have elapsed, if no communication has been received from the member, the subscription to the club “The WineLifers” will be automatically renewed. In the same way, if the member wishes to receive more wine from the selection of the month, they can notify us via email to, buying it directly through the web or by phone 682.489.751

Shipping and Charges

Between the 1st and 5th of each month, the user will be charged the receipt of their subscription according to the direct debit instructions.

* Those who have opted for the QUARTERLY or ANNUAL payment method will obviously see a charge every 3 months or 1 charge a year, respectively.

Between the 5th and 10th of each month, the user will receive the ‘WineLife Box’ of selected wines at the address filled in on the form.


  • Geographical shipping zones
    The geographical coverage of the “The WineLifers” club service can be LOCAL (Mallorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands), NATIONAL (Iberian Peninsula) or EUROPEAN (most of the European countries). You can check the countries we ship to here.
  • Shipping costs
    Within Mallorca, receiving your ‘WineLife Box’ does not entail any extra cost. For shipping to the other Balearic Islands, Peninsula or other countries, you can check the shipping’ table on the main page of our website.


  • Direct debit / card charge
    Being a member of the membership or subscription “The WineLifers” implies accepting the monthly, quarterly or annual charge in your bank account.
  • Billing
    If the member wishes to receive an invoice for their subscription to the club “The WineLifers”, they must notify it to the email


In the event that the member wishes to make a return, he / she must notify it within a maximum period of 7 days from the receipt of the ‘WineLife Box’. WINELIFE would collect the box with the wines and make the refund within a maximum period of 10 days, as long as the latter is in the same condition as it was delivered. If there are shipping costs, they will be borne by the member.
In the unlikely event of breakage or damage, the member may reject the shipment, telling the dealer at the same time that he does not accept the box.
In the hypothetical case of receiving a defective wine, you must notify us within a maximum period of 7 days from when you received your ‘WineLife Box’ via email to or by calling tel. 682 489 751

Data protection policy


From the “My account” section on the home page, you can cancel your subscription.

Customer service (partner)

For any questions or queries with the membership / subscription service of “The WineLifers” you can contact us at the following contact information:
Phones: 682 489 751 or 637 976 409

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